A lot has happened since the last time I updated this site. New Years resolution will definitely be to create a new portfolio website.

The reason for this post however is to let you know about a new service I have launched providing premium themes and starter kits for Umbraco. Check out the site at

In a previous post I spoke about error handling in the global.asax file and sending an email with the error details. To include the global.asax file in your Umbraco website with this code you need to delete the app_global.asax.dll from your bin folder or your website will crash. I haven’t found any issues with removing this file yet and it looks like it isnt needed.

Its been another busy month with website launches for the new Traverse Theatre website and Cafe Gandolfi redesign. Both websites were implemented using the Umbraco CMS. Check out my portfolio section for more info on these projects.

Search engines will not crawl pages with single quotes (’) in the URL. Umbraco does not automatically remove these if your page name contains a single quote.

You can easily remove these from the automatically generated URL in umbraco by adding the following code to the umbracoSettings.config file.

<char org="'"></char>

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Umbraco lately and I came across a problem this week with regards to password protecting custom sections within the Umbraco CMS. If you want to know how, have a look at the forum post I started on the Umbraco forum.

I found an easier solution to the problem after marking the answer to the solution.

Import umbraco.BusinessLogic on all of your pages within the custom section and then inherit your pages from umbraco.BasePages.UmbracoEnsuredPage

Forum post

Tools I Use

Web development, custom web based business applications, CMS systems.
Custom CMS systems using the Umbraco open source CMS based on ASP.NET.
I use Wordpress for small to medium scale CMS systems.
Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex and Photoshop are my tools of choice for interface design.

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The ramblings, thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's views or the views of any companies I have worked for in the past.

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Welcome to my portfolio website. My name is Marc Love and I am a Web Developer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I have worked for some of the top digital agencies in Glasgow during my career and have recently started up my own digital agency, madebycrunch with my web designer colleague Paul Daly. Our aim is to design and develop cutting edge websites that make a significant difference to the success of your business.

We are currently working on a range of different projects that you will be able to see very soon on the new madebycrunch website.

This site contains a selection of the projects I have worked on throughout my career.

Feel free to visit my Blog or take a closer look at my Portfolio.

Also check out a new service I have launched (November 2014) providing premium Umbraco Themes and Starter Kits.

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