SEO is one of the most important aspects of websites if not the most important aspect. There is no point in having a website if it cannot be found by your customers. You could spend a fortune on design and development but if your site can’t be found then whats the point?

Something that I think is worth mentioning and not a lot of people realise is that it is not a good idea to have more than one domain name pointing to the same website. Most companies will buy more than one domain name for their website to avoid competitors buying and using similar domain names. This is perfectly fine however you need to make it clear to search engines that the domain names are pointing to a single website and not multiple websites with the same content. If search engines think this is the case, your search positioning can be adversely affected.

Since I use IIS to host most of my websites, here’s a guide on how to clearly let search engines know that all your domain names for your website are pointing to a single website.

  • Make sure your website only has one domain name associated with it.
  • Open IIS
  • Right click your website and select properties
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Here you will see all the domain names that you have setup to point to your website. Remove them all, leaving only one preffered domain name for your site.
  • The next step is to setup a new website that will contain all your other domain names for your website and will permanently redirect to your website
  • Right click websites in IIS and select New - Web Site
  • Enter a description for your website, something like Company (Redirect)
  • Click next and select the IP address for your site
  • Select the path to your site. You need to select this to continue however it will be irrelevant after the next step
  • Continue through the steps until your website is created
  • On your newly created site, Right click your website and select properties
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Here you should enter all the domain names you want to point to your website including domains without the www
  • Once complete click the Home Directory tab
  • Select the ‘Redirection to a URL’ radio button
  • Enter the URL you have singled out as your preferred URL in the ‘Redirect to’ textbox
  • Select the ‘The exact URL entered above’ checkbox and the ‘A permanent redirection for this resource’
  • Hey presto. Job Done!